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Purchasing Commodities

ACSIP Current Year

Annual Report to the Public 2023-24

Annual School Report Card 

Accredited-Probationary Status (If Applicable)

  • Current Academic Year
  • Academic Year One Year Prior
  • Academic Year Two Years Prior

Academic Distress, School  Improvement and/or Fiscal Distress Explanation (If Applicable)

Private School Legal Notice

Private School Legal Notice 2017

Report to the Public – Meeting Sept. 19, 2022

Health and Wellness

MPSD McKinney Vento Information

Foster Care Plan

MPSD Title IX Information

Ready for Learning & Re-entry Plan for Students and Families

2021-22 Parent Right-to-Know

HVAC Legal Notice

ARP ESSER Funds Plan MPSD 2021-22

ARP ESSER Continuity of Services/Safe Return to School Plan 2021-22

ARP ESSER Funds/Continuity of Services 2022-23 

2023-24 ARP ESSER Continuity of Services/Ready to Learn Plan

Revised ARP ESSER Plan for Use of Funds August 2022

Revised ARP ESSER Plan for Use of Funds November 2022

Revised ARP ESSER Funds/Continuity of Services 2022-23

Revised ARP ESSER Funds/Continuity of Services (Use of ARP ESSER Funds) March 2023 

Revised LEA Plan for use of ARP ESSER Funds 2023-2024

Recruitment and Retention Additional Pay Plan August 2022

ESOL Program

Federal Programs Written Procedures

Ad for Bids HVAC (Formal)

Ad for Bids HVAC (Cafeteria)

Alternative Methods of Instruction (AMI) Application 2021-22

Minority Teacher & Administrator Recruitment Plan

Complaint Resolution Form for Equitable Services/Private Schools

COVID Information

Annual Parent Notice/Aviso anual a los padres Right to Request Teacher Qualifications/Derecho a solicitar las acreditaciones de los maestrosPP