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Federal Cost Principles

Federal Programs


Purchases and Procurement


Many curriculum items, technology, school supplies and software are purchased using federal funds.  When making purchases using federal funds, all costs should be adequately documented and be in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.  


Any purchases or procurement of goods or services using federal funds shall follow Mountain Pine School District Policy Manual (7.5-Purchases and Procurement) and grant program requirements (Title I, Title II-A, Title IV, Title VI, NSL, federal REAP).  In a case where rules are more stringent for a purchase using federal monies, the district will follow the most stringent district/state/federal rule. When appropriate, purchases will be made using approved companies registered through (system for award management).


When deciding to dispose of district property using federal funds, the Director of Federal Programs must always be notified.  There are strict regulations regarding the disposal of items (technology, items of value over $1,000). An inventory of items purchased with federal funds is completed each year by district personnel.  In cases of disposal, personnel will follow Mountain Pine School District Policy Manual (7.13-Management and Disposal of District Property) and contact the Director of Federal Programs before any decision is made.


Is the purchase necessary and reasonable? Is it necessary for the performance or administration of the grant? Is it a fair market price?  Is there no significant deviation from established prices? Are we acting with prudence and following sound business practices?


Ask yourself:

  • Do I really need this?

  • Do I have the capacity to use what I am purchasing?

  • Am I paying a fair price (goods) or rate (services)?

  • Do I have quotes from more than one reputable supplier?

  • In what way will this benefit our students and school district?


If you want to make a purchase, make sure you:

  • Submit a purchase order request form to your building principal

  • Include copies of three price quotes from different suppliers  


Next steps...

  • If your principal approves and signs the request, it will be sent to the

Administration building.  Ms. Taylor will review it and submit it to me if approved (or send it back to you if it has not been approved).

  • I will order the item and let you know it is on it’s way.  

  • When the item is delivered I will check the invoice.

  • Technology (computers, document cameras, etc.) will first be sent to the high school or elementary library to be inventoried and given a barcode.

*Some information found at (Title I department) and The Administrator’s Handbook on EDGAR 3rd Edition