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Pee Wee Football


And below is what it is all about…...Congradulations to the 4,5 and 6 grade teams!


Pee Wee Football Awards 2017

2017 Mountain Pine Red Devil Pee Wee Football Schedule


August 19                 Jamboree                  @Magnet Cove       9:00AM

August 26                 Mount Ida                @Mountain Pine    9:00AM

September 9            CMS                           @Mountain Pine    9:00AM

September 11          Poyen                         @Poyen                    5:30PM

September 16          Bismark                     @Bismark                 9:30AM

September 18          Magnet Cove           @Mountain Pine    5:30PM

September 25          Mt Ida                        @Mt Ida                   5:30PM

October 9                 CMS                           @Cutter Morning   5:30PM

October 21               Poyen                         @Mountain Pine    9:00PM

October 23               Magnet Cove           @Magnet Cove       5:30PM

October 28               Championships at Magnet Cove TBA