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The following work is to be completed for AMI Days 7-10. The work should be completed and submitted via google classroom(6.1 code Spn3qgc and 6.2 code bd5syyk) or emailed to me at

DAY 7: Search the web for a cupcake recipe. Download or copy the recipe to submit with your final answers. Look at all the ingredients-list those ingredients from least to greastest. Submit your recipe and ordered list.

DAY 8: Find the perimeter of your house using an alternative(not the normal methods) measuring method. Example- The perimeter of Mr. Walker’s house is 20 Jeep Wrangler 2drs vehicles. When you submit your AMI day upload a picture of your house and the method of measure. Upload a picture of you working the problem.

DAY 9: Solve the following problems: 1.) 95      2.) Solve showing the expondental form and the solution-8x8x8x8x8x8x8    3.) (10 x (6 + 4)) ÷ (23-7)2      4.) On Sunday, Mr. Walker bought 4¾kg of plant food. He used 1\frac{2}{3}kg on  his strawberry plants and used ¼kg on his tomato plants. A.) How many kg of plant food did Mr. Walker left? Write one or more equations to show how you reached your answer.  B.) Mr. Walker wants to feed his strawberry plants one more time and his tomato plants two more times. How much food will he need and does he have enough to do so?

DAY 10: If a triangle has side lengths of 8in and 12in what is the area of the triangle? What is the length of the third side? Create a Math problem that you think will stump Mr. Walker-be prepared to show Mr. Walker the solution when you return to school. jThe top 5 problems will be used as a quiz.