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AMI 5th GRADE Instructions

Math AMI Instructions  5th

Students will be reviewing skills we have previously completed but are important to master before the module and school year. Zoom Meetings are Monday and Wednesday @ 4:00pm.

  1. Students will be working with the End of Module Assessment for Module 1-3 over the next 3 weeks. Module 1 is to be completed by Sunday, April 5; Module 2 is to be completed by Sunday, April 12; Module 3 is to be completed by Sunday, April 19. On the homework page I have videos linked to help students with trouble areas and as always students my email, dojo, or text (318) 579-0608 me with questions.
  2. Weekly Schedule is also listed online and is as followed:
    1. WEEK ONE-March 30-April 5-MODULE 1
      1. Monday-Problem 1  
      2. Tuesday-Problem 2
      3. Wednesday-Problem 3 A,B,C
      4. Thursday-Problem 3 D,E,F
      5. Friday-Problem 4
    2. WEEK TWO-April 5-12-MODULE 2
      1. Monday-Problem 1 A,B
      2. Tuesday-Problem 2
      3. Wednesday-Problem 3,4,5
      4. Thursday-Problem 6 A,B,C
      5. Friday-Problem 6 D,E
    3. WEEK THREE-April 12-19-MODULE 3
      1. Monday-Problem 1 A
      2. Tuesday-Problem 1B
      3. Wednesday-Problem 2A
      4. Thursday-Problem 2B
      5. Friday-Problem 2C
  3. Students should either complete on paper and return to school on Monday, April 20 or students may place the answers on google classroom or email.
  4. I encourage students to use the videos to help if they need-The videos will not give you the answers but will show you like problems.